The Treeman

Dede Koswara, tree man

Dede Koswara, tree man

  • Dede Koswara from Jakarta, Indonesia is a 36 year old man with a rare medical condition with symptoms making parts of his body looking like a tree.
  • Dede, also known as Tree man has warts all over his body and his limbs look like roots growing from the skin.
  • It grows 5mm each month and has recently grown around his face.
  • Dede got his first wart when he was 15 and cut his knee in an acciedent. The wart deveoloped on his lower leg and then spread uncontrollaby.
  • He used to work with construction and fishing, but at age 20 he could no longer make use of his hands.
  • The condition’s name in latin is ”Epidermodysplasia verruciformis”.
  • Warts are a tumor caused by a virus that lies resting inside the body.
  • Doctors believe Dede got his condition because of him having The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and a weak immune system.
  • Local doctors tried to remove some of his warts, by the warts just grew back later at an even faster rate.
Dede Koswara (tree man) after his treatment

Dede Koswara (tree man) after his treatment

  • Each wart has its own blodsupply and it’s hard to control the bleeding when doctor wants to remove the warts
  • Dede is unable to fight the warts as his immunesystem is very bad
  • Surgical treatment is not the option, but instead medical
  • Dede is member of a group called ”The Clan” which is a group of him and four other people with other rare medical conditions.
  • The Clan performs at the circus in the city to earn money. The others are called ”Bubble man”, ”The Lady”, ”Elephant man” and ”Snake man”. The performances is the only choice for Dede to earn money for his family.
  • After a sucessful operation in March 2008, Dede was able to feed himself and even operate a phone for the first time in many years. The doctors removed around 4 lbs (2 kg) of warty horns from his limbs. Now the mission is for the doctors to find a way of not letting the warts to grow back.
  • Although this is a very rare condition, there is another found case: 38 year old Ion Toader, a man from Romania who also got the condition when he was a teenager.

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