Cat man

Dennis Avner: Cat man or Stalking cat

Dennis Avner: Cat man or Stalking cat

  • Dennis Avner is an American born in 1958. He is more known under the name of ”Cat man” or by his native american name; ”stalking cat”.
  • Cat man is a descendant from the American indians Lakota and Huron . He was inspired to achieve his look by a native chief to ”follow the ways of the tiger”.
  • Cat man has spent large sums of money to surgically modify his body to make him look like a tiger.
  • Cat man has gone through 14 surgical procedures, such as: hairline modification, implants in the face, filing and capping of his teeth, surgically pointing of the ars, silicone injection in the lips, cheeks, chin and a split upper lip.
Cat man (Dennis Avner) in profile

Cat man (Dennis Avner) in profile

  • Cat man also has a lot of piercings, tattoos and cat-like contactlenses to complete his look.
  • Cat man holds the Guinness World Record for ”most permanent transformations to look like an animal”
  • Cat man enjoys climbing trees and eating raw meat – just like a real tiger. But he has to work in office and make TV appearances to bring in money – because he is still a hunan with human needs.
  • Cat man is a former navy sonar technician and is currently a computer programmer. He is now somewhat of a celebrity with appearences on ”Ripley’s believe it or not!”, ”Larry King Live” and ”Kerrang! radio”.

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