People with a twin living inside of them

  • Fetus in fetu or Foetus in foetu is a rare medical condition in which a person develops the forming of a mass of tissue resembling a fetus inside the body.
  • Fetus in fetu occurs to about one in 500 000 live births and is said to either be the cause of a normal fetus eveloped inside its twin or that the mass is a highly developed teratoma (an encapsulated tumor).
  • In the theory of the fetus in fetu being a teratoma, it thought that two fetuses during pregnancy share a common placenta in which one fetus wraps around the other and the fetus wrapped inside becomes a parasite which feeds on the host’s blood supply. The parasitic twin in this case has no brain and is almost always unable to survive on its own.
  • A fetus in fetu’s organs have a working blood supply from its host, but never any functional brain, heart, lungs, gastronomical or uninary functions. It works more like a parasite than an human being.
Sanju Bhagat - The Man with a twin living inside of him

Sanju Bhagat - The Man with a twin living inside of him

Sanju Bhagat – The Man with a twin living inside of him

  • The Indian man Sanju Bhagat is a more known case of fetus in fetu. Sanju Bhagat, from Nagpur India had a swollen stomach, could barely breathe and looked like he was about to give birth to a baby.
  • One night in June 1999, the 36-year old finally after all those years thought his big belly was more than a cosmetic problem.
  • The doctor’s thought Bhagat had a giant tumor so big it was pressing on his diaphragm causing his problems to breathe. During the serious operation, the doctors discovered something unexpected, as gallons of fluid spilled out from Bhagat’s stomach: the doctor could shake hands with somebody inside.
  • The doctors discovered a lot of bones, limbs, hair and a jaw and genitalia in Bhagat’s stomach. The creature inside the stomach had hands and feet very developed as well as long fingernails.
  • Sanju Bhagat is one of fewer than 90 cases of fetus in fetu recorded in medical litterature. However, usually both twins die before birth because of having to share the same placenta, but in this case the fetus managed to feed off Bhagat for 36 years and survive.
Alamjan Nematilaev - The Boy who gave birth to his own twin

Alamjan Nematilaev - The Boy who gave birth to his own twin

Alamjan Nematilaev – The Boy who gave birth to his own twin

  • Another more known case of fetus in fetu is Alamjan Nematilaev, then in 2003, a seven year old boy from Kazakhstan. Alamjan complained in about something moving inside of him which led doctors to perform an operation.
  • As whit Bhagat, doctors found an identical twin brother growing inside of Alamjan, which had part of a head, som hair and teeth and even something resembling of a face.
  • Doctors were unsure what caused the boys condition and tried to figure out if it had anything to do with the radiation from the Chernobyl disaster, but it was most likely because of Alamjan being the fetus wrapped around his twin.
  • The reason Alamjan felt the fetus move inside him, was because the fetus can develop a primitive spinal reflex system and in some cases limbs and fingers if it gets enough blood.

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The World’s smallest bodybuilder

Aditya "Romeo" Dev, world's smallest bodybuilder

Aditya "Romeo" Dev, world's smallest bodybuilder

  • Aditya Dev is a 19 year old man from India who is 2’9″ (84 cm) tall and weighs 9 kgs but still is an active bodybuilder.
  • Aditya was born in 1988 with a fifth of the size of a regular baby, weighing only 680g.
  • Aditya was born with a rare form of dwarfism called ”primordial dwarfism”, that results in a smaller body size in all stages of life beginning from before birth.
  • Romeo has been considered both a blessing as well as a curse within his community in India.
  • When he grew a little bit older, he became a big fan of the Indian popstar Jazzy B and started to dance like him.
  • Aditya took his artistname from his idol Jazzy B’s song ”Romeo”.
  • He later started working out with a personal trainer and he can lift 1.5 kg dumbells.
  • India’s version of the Guinnes book of World Records; ”The Limca Book of Records” recognized Romeo as the world’s smallest bodybuilder.
  • Unlike many other little people, Romeo is well portioned.
  • In summer 2008, Aditya was diagnosed with a number of serious aneurysms (baloon-like bulge of a blood vessel) in his brain. If left untreated, Aditya may suffer a stroke and die.
  • Aditya’s poor family are trying to raise the approximately 7500 USD required for his advanced brain surgery. People can donate money via his official website.

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The Girl with two faces

Lalli Singh: The girl with two faces

Lali Singh: The girl with two faces

  • Baby girl Lali Singh was born in March 2008 in India with a medical condition called ”Craniofacial duplication”
  • She had two faces, four eyes, two noses and two mouths
  • A human has the odds of 50 million to one of being born with the condition
  • Many hinduists considered her as a reincarnation of various gods, such as Vishnu: a god with three faces.
The Hindu god Vishnu

The Hindu god Vishnu

  • Many hinduists considered her as a reincarnation of various gods, such as Vishnu: a god with three faces.
  • Pilgrims flocked from all India to visit her and she became a global phenomenon.
  • Within weeks, her health got worse. She started to loose weight, becoming dangerously thin and not able to close the centerlookated eyes eyelids, risking to loose sight on the them.
  • It was hard for doctors who wanted to help to convince Lali’s father of their good intentions as he is religious.
  • Doctors were amazed to see how long Lali had already survived, but they were concerned about how much she had left.
  • The Singh family finally took the doctors advice as Lali’s condition turned to even worse, but the family don’t treat the baby as the doctors request. Lali is treated with drip.
  • At the age of two months old, Lali suffers a massive heart attack and died.
  • Lali was worshipped as a godess throughout her life and buried as one. She was honored with a statute and an annual day of worship.

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The Wolfkids

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Werewolves are one of the classic characters in horror. These kids share some of the characteristics of wherevolves but the difference is that they are real and just like any other kids, but with alot of hair…

  • Supatra ’Nat’ Sasuphan is a young girl from Bangkok, Thailand born with a 5 cm thick animal-like fur covering her head and parts of her body.
  • The hair is like the hair found on your head and it keeps growing out on her.
  • There’s no cure for the condition yet, so her parents try to shave her without damaging her young skin.
  • The condition is called “Ambras Syndrome” (also known as Werewolf syndrome) and seems to be sporadic: people are born with the condition without any family history of something similar.
  • Only 1 in a billion is affected by Ambras Syndrome and there are only about 50 documented cases of it since 1638.
  • The syndrome was believed by some to be caused by re-arrangements of the human chromosome 8. This however is not the case with Nat.
Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

  • Prithviraj Patil is a 11 year old boy from India who also has Ambras Syndrome.
  • Some Indians thinks the boy is a reborn god.
  • They try to remove his hair by a painful laser treatment which is usually performed on adults.
  • Three sisters of six in another Indian family have similar characteristics of the syndrome, but it’s not Ambras. They’re believed to have inherited it from their father and they respond to treatment.
  • The search for a cure continues. Because of the condition being so rare, it’s not highly prioritized in medicine.
  • If a cure can be found, also the opposite: the reasons for older men’s hairloss can be discovered and maybe fixed.

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