The World’s biggest burger

The World's biggest burger "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" at display

The World's biggest burger "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" at display

  • The World’s biggest burger weighs 134 (60,78 kg) pounds and comes in a 50 (22,67 kg) pound bun.
  • The burger’s weight totally is 184 pounds or 83,46 kg – that is like a grown man!
  • The burger is actually available for order from ”Mallie’s Sports & Grill Bar” in the town Detroit, Michigan.
Preparation of The World's largest burger

Preparation of The World's largest burger

  • The burger is called ”Absolutely Ridiculous Burger” and is a bacon cheesburger.
  • To order the burger, you have to give the restaurant a 24-hour notice and pay $350 USD.
  • Absolutely Ridiculous Burger was created for the first time in February 2008. The head chef spent 12 hours preparing and cooking the burger and it took three men to flip the burger’s bun.
  • On February 23rd 2008, Absolutely Ridiculous Burger has the updated the record for biggest burger in the book Guinness World Records.
  • The record was earlier held by the 123-pound (55,79 kg) burger made in 2007 by Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub from Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Cat man

Dennis Avner: Cat man or Stalking cat

Dennis Avner: Cat man or Stalking cat

  • Dennis Avner is an American born in 1958. He is more known under the name of ”Cat man” or by his native american name; ”stalking cat”.
  • Cat man is a descendant from the American indians Lakota and Huron . He was inspired to achieve his look by a native chief to ”follow the ways of the tiger”.
  • Cat man has spent large sums of money to surgically modify his body to make him look like a tiger.
  • Cat man has gone through 14 surgical procedures, such as: hairline modification, implants in the face, filing and capping of his teeth, surgically pointing of the ars, silicone injection in the lips, cheeks, chin and a split upper lip.
Cat man (Dennis Avner) in profile

Cat man (Dennis Avner) in profile

  • Cat man also has a lot of piercings, tattoos and cat-like contactlenses to complete his look.
  • Cat man holds the Guinness World Record for ”most permanent transformations to look like an animal”
  • Cat man enjoys climbing trees and eating raw meat – just like a real tiger. But he has to work in office and make TV appearances to bring in money – because he is still a hunan with human needs.
  • Cat man is a former navy sonar technician and is currently a computer programmer. He is now somewhat of a celebrity with appearences on ”Ripley’s believe it or not!”, ”Larry King Live” and ”Kerrang! radio”.

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