Drinkable beef jerky and cheese burger: Meatwater

Drinkable Beef jerky from Meat water

Drinkable Beef jerky from Meat water

  • Meatwater is a brand of protein-rich, drinkable food beverages in plastic bottles. The drinks are being marketed as ”High Effiency Survival Beverages”
  • Meatwater have a wide range with over 25 different flavors, such as beef jerky, chees burger, chicken teriyaki, fish ’n chips, buffalo wings, english breakfast and swedish köttbullar.
  • Meatwater says their drinker can distinguish several flavours in one bottle, such as the flavours for egg, bacon and buttered toast in their ”basic breakfast”-taste.
  • Meatwater drinks was founded by Till Krautkrämer and Brian Kane in the beginning of 2007 as an answer to the modern man’s more and more filled time schedule.
  • According to Meatwater ”Successfull people today are demanding the next generation of effiency and luxury, and our innovative lifetool provides that for such an elite consumer.”
  • Metwater should be a great time saver for athletes with a high calorie intace whom have to eat a lot of food to endure all the training. It should also be good for people having trouble eating regular meals or for paranoid people with bombshelters in their backyard.
  • Many consumers of Meatwater chooses to mix the drinks with Vodka, thus combining both meal and a liquor drink at the same time. Meatwater even posts cocktail-recipes on their website’s news section, such as ”Wings on the beach” containing 2 parts Vodka, 1 part Cointreau and 1 part Meatwater Pigs with Wings.

Sources and further reading:

Meat water’s Official page

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