Expensive coffee made out of beans pooped out from an animal

Kopi luwak pooped out coffee, A bag with 57 grams.

Kopi luwak pooped out coffee, A bag with 57 grams.

Somewhere in the world, a coffee-lover think it’s a good idea to drink an expensive coffee made out of beans passed through the system of an Indonesian animal.

  • The Coffee comes from the Indonesian Island of Sumatra where the cat-like mammal Asian Palm Civet lives.
  • The Civets eat red, ripe coffee- cherries with bean and all. Inside the civet’s stomach, the benas undergoes chemical treatments and fermentations, but without the beans being digested.
Asian Palm Civet

Asian Palm Civet

  • The civet poops out the beans which are then hand-picked, washed and roasted for selling as an Arabica Coffee called ”Kopi Luwak”.
  • The Coffee is supposed to offer a rich, strong and complex aroma. It’s said to be Syrupy with hints of chocolate/caramels with a long aftertaste.
  • It’s the world’s most expensive coffee- sold for more than 50 $ a cup in the U.S.
  • Very often, the sold coffe is not the real deal.

Sources and further reading:

Kopi Luwak’s Official Website
USA Today article about the coffee


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