Energy drinks named after cocaine

Blow energy drink powder

Blow energy drink powder

This year, it appears to be a trend to name energydrinks after the nearly world-wide illegal drug cocaine. The strategy seems to be working as for marketing-purposing goes, but what about the product’s moral and health-risks?

  • Blow is a energy drink named after the drug cocaine’s slangword. Blow is distributed in pulver-form (looking like cocaine) in packages resembling of cocaine-packages and then mixed with water.
  • When Blow sent press-kits, the kit contained of a big box containing tongue-in-cheek pictures of the ”production” of Blow, looking like something from a druglord’s camera. The kit also included cocaine-looking packages (vials) of the product, a fake-credic card and a mirror.
  • Since Blow is making use of the drug culture in their marketing as well as in their product, parents and agencies is outraged, saying that Blow glamorizes drug-use.
  • A vial of blow (5.75 grams) contains 240mg of caffeine. Each vial of Blow also has 2000 mg of Taurine.
Cocaine energy drink

Cocaine energy drink

  • Cocaine is an energy drink distributed by Redux Beverages.
  • Cocaine comes in three different sorts: ”Original”, ”Cut” (without caffeine, is now under another name) and ”Free” (without sugar).
  • The US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was very sceptical about the energy drink because it was marketed as a substitute for illegal drugs, which slogans such as ”The Legal alternative” and ”Speed in a can”.
  • Under a brief period of time in 2007, the energy drink was distributed under the new name ”No name” and ”Censored” as a respond to the FDA’s complaints.
  • Cocaine was banned in Australia and is in Norway
  • A can of Cocaine contains 280 mg of caffeine. Each can of Cocaine also contains 750 mg of taurine.

Sources and further reading: about Blow

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