Calskrove: Hamburger menu baked in a Calzone pizza



In the town Skellefteå in north of Sweden, a sort of a food trend started to appear a couple of years ago. By combining the two favorite fast foods hamburger and pizza, mainly the restaurant Tre kronor (Swedish for Three crowns) in this area came up with the ultimate solution for everybody having difficulties choosing between the two meals after a hard night out drinking; the Calskrove.

The Calskrove hamburger-pizza opened

The Calskrove hamburger-pizza opened

Calskrove is a word play on the baked in pizza calzone and the Swedish world ”skrovmål”, which in English means similar to a blowout meal.

With a Calskrove, a complete hamburger meal with two hamburgers with bread, toppings and dressings as well as the french fries (no soda though) are baked in a calzone pizza. This staggering combination should fill even the biggest stomachs and costs around 100 SEK (circa 10€ / 15 USD). According to the restaurant, it’s actually not that uncommon that locals chooses the Calskrove when eating there!

So if you have already tried the Heart attack grill in Arizona and eaten the world’s biggest burger in Detroit, maybe a Calskrove in Skellefteå, Sweden should be something for you!


Tre kronor restaurant website


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