The Treeman

Dede Koswara, tree man

Dede Koswara, tree man

  • Dede Koswara from Jakarta, Indonesia is a 36 year old man with a rare medical condition with symptoms making parts of his body looking like a tree.
  • Dede, also known as Tree man has warts all over his body and his limbs look like roots growing from the skin.
  • It grows 5mm each month and has recently grown around his face.
  • Dede got his first wart when he was 15 and cut his knee in an acciedent. The wart deveoloped on his lower leg and then spread uncontrollaby.
  • He used to work with construction and fishing, but at age 20 he could no longer make use of his hands.
  • The condition’s name in latin is ”Epidermodysplasia verruciformis”.
  • Warts are a tumor caused by a virus that lies resting inside the body.
  • Doctors believe Dede got his condition because of him having The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and a weak immune system.
  • Local doctors tried to remove some of his warts, by the warts just grew back later at an even faster rate.
Dede Koswara (tree man) after his treatment

Dede Koswara (tree man) after his treatment

  • Each wart has its own blodsupply and it’s hard to control the bleeding when doctor wants to remove the warts
  • Dede is unable to fight the warts as his immunesystem is very bad
  • Surgical treatment is not the option, but instead medical
  • Dede is member of a group called ”The Clan” which is a group of him and four other people with other rare medical conditions.
  • The Clan performs at the circus in the city to earn money. The others are called ”Bubble man”, ”The Lady”, ”Elephant man” and ”Snake man”. The performances is the only choice for Dede to earn money for his family.
  • After a sucessful operation in March 2008, Dede was able to feed himself and even operate a phone for the first time in many years. The doctors removed around 4 lbs (2 kg) of warty horns from his limbs. Now the mission is for the doctors to find a way of not letting the warts to grow back.
  • Although this is a very rare condition, there is another found case: 38 year old Ion Toader, a man from Romania who also got the condition when he was a teenager.

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The Girl with two faces

Lalli Singh: The girl with two faces

Lali Singh: The girl with two faces

  • Baby girl Lali Singh was born in March 2008 in India with a medical condition called ”Craniofacial duplication”
  • She had two faces, four eyes, two noses and two mouths
  • A human has the odds of 50 million to one of being born with the condition
  • Many hinduists considered her as a reincarnation of various gods, such as Vishnu: a god with three faces.
The Hindu god Vishnu

The Hindu god Vishnu

  • Many hinduists considered her as a reincarnation of various gods, such as Vishnu: a god with three faces.
  • Pilgrims flocked from all India to visit her and she became a global phenomenon.
  • Within weeks, her health got worse. She started to loose weight, becoming dangerously thin and not able to close the centerlookated eyes eyelids, risking to loose sight on the them.
  • It was hard for doctors who wanted to help to convince Lali’s father of their good intentions as he is religious.
  • Doctors were amazed to see how long Lali had already survived, but they were concerned about how much she had left.
  • The Singh family finally took the doctors advice as Lali’s condition turned to even worse, but the family don’t treat the baby as the doctors request. Lali is treated with drip.
  • At the age of two months old, Lali suffers a massive heart attack and died.
  • Lali was worshipped as a godess throughout her life and buried as one. She was honored with a statute and an annual day of worship.

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The Wolfkids

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Werewolves are one of the classic characters in horror. These kids share some of the characteristics of wherevolves but the difference is that they are real and just like any other kids, but with alot of hair…

  • Supatra ’Nat’ Sasuphan is a young girl from Bangkok, Thailand born with a 5 cm thick animal-like fur covering her head and parts of her body.
  • The hair is like the hair found on your head and it keeps growing out on her.
  • There’s no cure for the condition yet, so her parents try to shave her without damaging her young skin.
  • The condition is called “Ambras Syndrome” (also known as Werewolf syndrome) and seems to be sporadic: people are born with the condition without any family history of something similar.
  • Only 1 in a billion is affected by Ambras Syndrome and there are only about 50 documented cases of it since 1638.
  • The syndrome was believed by some to be caused by re-arrangements of the human chromosome 8. This however is not the case with Nat.
Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

  • Prithviraj Patil is a 11 year old boy from India who also has Ambras Syndrome.
  • Some Indians thinks the boy is a reborn god.
  • They try to remove his hair by a painful laser treatment which is usually performed on adults.
  • Three sisters of six in another Indian family have similar characteristics of the syndrome, but it’s not Ambras. They’re believed to have inherited it from their father and they respond to treatment.
  • The search for a cure continues. Because of the condition being so rare, it’s not highly prioritized in medicine.
  • If a cure can be found, also the opposite: the reasons for older men’s hairloss can be discovered and maybe fixed.

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