The Man with no face

Jose Mestre - The Man with no face

Jose Mestre - The Man with no face

  • Jose Mestre from Portugal has a gigantic life threatening tumor covering his face.
  • Jose Mestre was born in 1957 in Lisabon, Portugal. He was born with a birthmark on his face, and at the age of 14, it began to swell.
  • Since Jose was a teenager, the tumor has been growing, covering his lips and one of his eyes. The tumor is now 33 cm long and weighs around 3 kg.
Jose Mestre as a teenager

Jose Mestre as a teenager

  • The growth is a condition called a vascular malformation –a collection of blood vessels that have expanded.
  • If it wasn’t for all the blood and its vessels in the growth, Jose said he would cut it all off.
  • Jose’s mouth has become a part of his tumor, causing his teeth to breaking and twisting.
  • In 2008, at the age of 51, Jose finally got the courage to try a surgical procedure. If his tumor is not removed, he is in a great risk to be suffocated by it.
  • Jose went to London with his sister and his niece to be observed and hopefully – relieved from his tumor.
  • At a surgery, there is a great risk because all of the potential blood loss when trying to remove the tumor. Another problem is that Jose is a Jehovah’s witness and can’t accept the procedure’s necessary blood transfusion.
  • After a surgical procedure, Jose would be left with a raw face which would need reconstruction. The problem with this is that Jose wouldn’t be able to show facial expressions.

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