Heart Attack Grill

A customer pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse-waitress at Heart Attack Grill

A customer pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse-waitress at Heart Attack Grill

  • The Heart Attack Grill is a hamburger restaurant in Chandler, Arizona in USA with a controversial business idea.
  • Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso who works in the restaurant and appears publically dressed up as a doctor and under the name Dr. Jon.
  • Heart Attack Grill’s business idea is to serve high-calorie hamburgers and other things generally considered bad for your health. * Their slogan is ”Taste worth dying for”.
  • At Heart Attack Grill you can get an 8000 calorie burger for 10$ USD. 8000 calories is more than double the recommended daily intake for an adult male.
  • Their hamburgers have the controversial names named after surgical heart procedures: Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple-bypass. The Quadruple Bypass has as it suggests four hamburger-meats between the hamburger buns which are cooked in lard.
The Quadruple Bypass Burger

The Quadruple Bypass Burger

  • In The Quadruple Bypass Burger, there are four half pound slices of meat, almost a whole tomato, half an onion and eight slices of cheese.
  • They also serve other non-healthy things such as ”Flatliner fries” cooked in pure lard, unfiltered cigarettes, beer and liquor, jolt cola and mexican coke made with real sugar.
  • At Heart Attack Grill, the customers are treated as ”patients”. A tag is wrapped around the customers hand with his or her’s ”perscription” (order) written on it. And a man dressed up as a doctor listens to the customers with a stethoscope.
  • The Waitresses at Heart Attack Grill is dressed like naughty nurses which the restaurant has recieved a lot of criticism for. * The Arizona Board of Nursing accused The Heart Attack Grill of violating state law. Only a person who holds a valid and current license to practice professional nursing may use the title nurse.
  • If a customer orders a Triple- or Quadruple-bypass they recieve a free wheelchair ride from the restaurant to their vehicle by one of the nurses.
  • At Heart Attack Grill, anyone who weighs over 350 pounds (158,8 kg) can eat as much as they want for free.

Sources and further reading:

Heart Attack Grill’s Official Website

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