The Wolfkids

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Werewolves are one of the classic characters in horror. These kids share some of the characteristics of wherevolves but the difference is that they are real and just like any other kids, but with alot of hair…

  • Supatra ’Nat’ Sasuphan is a young girl from Bangkok, Thailand born with a 5 cm thick animal-like fur covering her head and parts of her body.
  • The hair is like the hair found on your head and it keeps growing out on her.
  • There’s no cure for the condition yet, so her parents try to shave her without damaging her young skin.
  • The condition is called “Ambras Syndrome” (also known as Werewolf syndrome) and seems to be sporadic: people are born with the condition without any family history of something similar.
  • Only 1 in a billion is affected by Ambras Syndrome and there are only about 50 documented cases of it since 1638.
  • The syndrome was believed by some to be caused by re-arrangements of the human chromosome 8. This however is not the case with Nat.
Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

  • Prithviraj Patil is a 11 year old boy from India who also has Ambras Syndrome.
  • Some Indians thinks the boy is a reborn god.
  • They try to remove his hair by a painful laser treatment which is usually performed on adults.
  • Three sisters of six in another Indian family have similar characteristics of the syndrome, but it’s not Ambras. They’re believed to have inherited it from their father and they respond to treatment.
  • The search for a cure continues. Because of the condition being so rare, it’s not highly prioritized in medicine.
  • If a cure can be found, also the opposite: the reasons for older men’s hairloss can be discovered and maybe fixed.

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Leatherface in ”The Texas Chainsaw massacre” was inspired by a real person

Leatherface on The Texas chain saw massacre-cover

Leatherface on The Texas chain saw massacre-cover

In Tobe Hooper’s horror classic ”The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” from 1974, a group of hitchhiking teenagers find themselves out of gas in Texas. In search of gas they become terrorized by a cannibalistic, murderous family. One in the family is called ”Leatherface”, a chainsaw-wielding maniac who wears his victim’s carved out faces as masks.

Some may think that these acts of horror in the movie really happened, which is incorrect. However, the character Leatherface was inspired by a real person…

  • Ed Gein was an American killer and grave robber from Plainfield, Wisconsin during the 1950’s. He became known as ”The Butcher from Plainfield”.
Ed Gein: The inspiration for Leatherface

Ed Gein: The inspiration for Leatherface

  • Gein dug up bodies of women who resembled of his mother from the local graveyeards.
  • From the bodies he fabricated different items such as a lampshade, facemasks and a sheath made from skin, soup bowls out of skullcamps, socks from flesh and accessories made out of genetalia. Police also discovered that Gein also was interested in eating human flesh.
  • Gein performed strange transsexual rituals such as dressing up in skin from dead women to look more female.
  • Gein’s mother raised him in a disturbed, fanatically version of christianity where all women where prostitutes except for her.
  • Gein shot and killed a woman, removed her head and hang her upside down like a hunted deer in his house. He also shot and killed another woman.
  • Gein is often called a serial killer, despite the fact that he was guilty of only two kills and therefore not technically qualifies him as a serial killer. A serial killer is someone who has murdered three or more people at different periods of time.
  • Gein was arrested in 1957 and was classified as legally insane and therefore spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital until he died in 1984 of cancer.
  • Gein also inspired to the character Norman Bates in Robert Bloch’s novel ”Psycho” from 1959 which later became a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960.
  • He also was inspiration for the character Buffalo Bill in Thomas Harris novel ”The Silence of the Lambs” from 1988 which became a movie in 1991. Buffalo Bill dresses in womans clothes and skins his victim for use of their skin, similiar to what Ed Gein did.

Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazis

Hugo Boss original black Allgemeine SS-jacket

Hugo Boss original black Allgemeine SS-jacket

The popular german fashionhouse Hugo Boss has footprints in a dark time of our modern history that probably not many of the clothe’s proud owners know about. Learn about the Hugo Boss nazi-involvement.

  • In 1997, a spokeswoman fron Hugo Boss told the press that they had became aware of connections between the company’s founder Hugo Ferdinand Boss and the german nazi regime.
  • Hugo Boss began as a familiy-run business in Germany 1923 which manufactured police and postal uniforms.
  • Hugo Ferdinand Boss joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and circa two years later, somewhere between 1932-33 his company began manufacturing uniforms for the nazis.
Hugo Boss current logotype

Hugo Boss current logotype

  • Hugo Boss company produced the new black unfiroms worn by SS (SchutzStaffel) units, brown shirts worn by SA (Sturmabteilung) storm troopers and also the black- and brown unfiroms for the Hitler youth.
  • Hugo Boss continued to manufacture unfiforms for the nazis throughout the Second World War.
  • According to the Austrian news magazine ”Profil”, the company brought forced laborers from Poland and France to its factory to increase their output in the later years.

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