The Wolfkids

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Wolfkid Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan

Werewolves are one of the classic characters in horror. These kids share some of the characteristics of wherevolves but the difference is that they are real and just like any other kids, but with alot of hair…

  • Supatra ’Nat’ Sasuphan is a young girl from Bangkok, Thailand born with a 5 cm thick animal-like fur covering her head and parts of her body.
  • The hair is like the hair found on your head and it keeps growing out on her.
  • There’s no cure for the condition yet, so her parents try to shave her without damaging her young skin.
  • The condition is called “Ambras Syndrome” (also known as Werewolf syndrome) and seems to be sporadic: people are born with the condition without any family history of something similar.
  • Only 1 in a billion is affected by Ambras Syndrome and there are only about 50 documented cases of it since 1638.
  • The syndrome was believed by some to be caused by re-arrangements of the human chromosome 8. This however is not the case with Nat.
Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

Wolfkid Prithviraj Patil

  • Prithviraj Patil is a 11 year old boy from India who also has Ambras Syndrome.
  • Some Indians thinks the boy is a reborn god.
  • They try to remove his hair by a painful laser treatment which is usually performed on adults.
  • Three sisters of six in another Indian family have similar characteristics of the syndrome, but it’s not Ambras. They’re believed to have inherited it from their father and they respond to treatment.
  • The search for a cure continues. Because of the condition being so rare, it’s not highly prioritized in medicine.
  • If a cure can be found, also the opposite: the reasons for older men’s hairloss can be discovered and maybe fixed.

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Pronounced dead, but still alive

A woman waking up at the morgue, Pronounced dead but still alive

A woman waking up at the morgue, Pronounced dead but still alive

For many, this would be a total nightmare: waking up at the morgue. For some people, this or being pronounced dead although they’re still alive is a frightening reality…

  • June Burchell from Sussex has a medical condition called “Cataplexy”. Because of her cataplexy, she was pronounced dead 3 times and ended up at the morgue 2 of those, although she was still alive.
  • On the occasions June was pronounced dead, her blood pressure was very low and her breathing slower than usual, making it harder to tell if she was alive.
  • Cataplexy is a condition where the person who has it is paralyzed and can’t move and show small or none vital signs for a period of time. The person is still however fully aware and can see and hear everything around them, but they can’t respond to the activities.
The human brain's hypothalamus

The human brain's hypothalamus

  • A person with cataplexy can be in the paralysis for minutes to even days.
  • Cataplexy is found to often be triggered by spontaneous, strong emotions such as fear and laughter.
  • Cataplexy often affects people who have narcolepsy, a disorder where the person fall in and out of sleep when not stimulated.
  • Scientists found in the brains of dogs with cataplexy that they had a missing chemical called Hypocretin which they suspected was the cause of the condition.
  • Scientists then performed research on donated human brains from people with our without narcolepsy and found that the Hypocretin was destroyed in the brains from people with narcolepsy.
  • Hypocretin is normally produced in the brain’s Hypothalamus: the brain’s control center. Hypocretin controls our transition from being asleep to being awake. It also is believed to maintain motor-activity during certain emotions.
  • A cure for cataplexy may be found in 5 years
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